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Assalamualaikum,Welcome.. Hai There.., We are double team..Our flanellapernik are handmade,made to order,customized and also limited edition.
Such as Hand Puppet,Finger puppet,Usb doll etc...
If you like our creation feel free to send email to flanellapernik@yahoo.com, or send text to Niar 081936191906

Sunday, June 3, 2012

our fruit edition

 before be fruit childs
now become fruit girls finger puppet
Hello we are fruit girls. We are finger puppet. We are Rachel Strawberry, Sisca Orange, Merry Watermelon, Yantie Apple and Patty Kiwi. We are available.. Adopt us

set nya Rp. 45.000,-

untuk pemesanan sms ke 081936191906

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